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Mira Choudhury

Mature, non-smoking teacher will treat your home with respect and care.

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Looking within 25 miles of Toronto, ON.

House Sitter in Toronto

I haven't done this before, but I have been a home-owner for 25 years, and I am also an avid gardener. I have stellar references both in Ottawa and in Toronto. I am planning to put my Ottawa home on the market by the end of July. Available Sept.'12. Toronto. Known for my own pristine & beautiful homes. I am looking for a long-stay position, perhaps best suited to you if you will be gone over the winter. I currently teach English to Civil Servants in Ottawa, and am moving to Toronto permanently. I would continue to work with my current employer, but as I will be in a new market, I expect to get contract work initially. The house-sitting would be my initial venture to explore housing and full-time employment.

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