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Michelle Aguero

Will take care of your home and any pets with utmost loving care, respect and safety.

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Looking within 25 miles of El Sobrante, CA.

House Sitter in El Sobrante

Experience: My first house sitting job was about 20 years ago and since then I have taken care of homes, with much respect, kindness and safety. It is very important to me to carefully listen and follow your needs and expectations for your home while you are away. Your peace of mind is mine also. Just as important to me are the the pets and plants that live in them, thus, they will be in good hands as well. I have been a pet owner myself and know how much our pets mean to us and how special it is to have them in our lives. Education: Bachelor's degree in Latin American Studies and Spanish with a focus in Portuguese from UC Berkeley. Continued education in early childhood education and in social work. Availability: Varying Hours (please ask)

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Etiquette for House Sitters: It's a Matter of Trust

We all know this to be true. No matter how much communication we have with potential employers or how many detailed contracts we sign-when the cat's away the mouse can play. Unless the house you are sitting has cameras everywhere, it is your word and the respect that you have for your employer...

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House Sitting- a Cheap Way to See the World

Are you a responsible hard working person but are seriously bored with your life? Do you love to travel the globe but can't find the money to take the trips you want? Consider a change in occupation… become a house sitter. House sitting is an arrangement between a homeowner and a responsible...

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A Trusted House Sitter-Invaluable

At some time or another everyone has to leave their home for a period of time. Whether it be for a day, a week, or a month, and whether you are away for work, a holiday, family matters or a hospital stay, there are things to be done so that your home remains safe and cared for. Recently I w...

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I want to hire a house sitter but...

Anyone who has seen the movie"Home Alone" understands the value of having a house sitter when you are leaving your home empty for any length of time. But although the concept appeals to us, the jump from concept to reality can be a huge leap of faith.

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