3 Simple Ways to Ensure Your House Sitter Can Be Trusted

March 31, 2016

You’re headed out of town for an extended period and you need someone to mind your home. You need someone to feed your pets, pick up your mail, maintain your garden or lawn. You may simply need someone to be a visible presence in your home, thwarting any possible criminal activity. The question is, how do you go about finding that someone? How do you not only find a house sitter but ensure that they can be trusted? In this article, we’ll look at ways to ensure you’ve found a trustworthy house-sitter. We’ll also take a look at HouseSitter.com’s services which will help you find a responsible house sitter!

1. Try Before You Buy

The LifeHacker article “How to Find a Trustworthy House Sitter” mentions, “Like with almost anything else in life, it is better to give your potential house sitter a test run.” So basically, try before you buy. If possible, invite the potential sitter over to your home and have them stay with you. Have them perform the duties that you’d expect them to handle for an extended period of time. During the trial period, observe them. Are they taking initiative with tasks and responsibilities? Do they get along with your pets?

2. Negotiate Everything Before Hand

There is no shortage of house-sitter websites online. Still, finding someone who fits your agenda and profile isn’t always easy and it may require that you’re open minded and flexible. The Guardian article “House Sit and See The World For Free” includes the experiences of several house-sitters who understand the basic responsibilities: looking after pets, maintaining the lawn or garden and basically keeping the house safe. The sitters also understood that they weren’t receiving any payment. When hiring or looking for your house-sitter negotiate everything beforehand. This includes responsibilities, payment if necessary and any specific rules and tasks that you may have in mind. Here’s a list of things your house sitter wants you to know before you place your home and pets in their hands.

3. Check References or Run a Background Check

Does the potential candidate have any experience? Why are they interested in house sitting in your area? Many experienced house-sitters use their experience to pursue their own personal interest and career goals. Some are artists, writers, linguists or taking classes online. Others have discovered a way to save on travel costs. Definitely, find someone whose personal story and direction make sense to you. The U.S. News article “Your Guide to Hiring a House Sitter”, mentioned an incident where a sitter was arrested for stealing over $14,000 worth of property from a house! If you’re considering an extended vacation, why not ask the potential sitter to send a criminal background check which has been notarized by the local authorities.

One of the best things about online sites like HouseSitter.com is the ability to view profiles of potential candidates. If possible, look for a sitter with good reviews. If you can’t find good reviews, act like any other employer– ask for and thoroughly check references.

The Benefits of HouseSitter.com

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