5 Ways to Make Your Posting Stand Out

May 20, 2015

You have great skills and a perfect personality for the housesitting job, but how do you convey this excellence in a short posting or listing? 

A few small changes can make all the difference! Consider the following:

1. Picture

The saying that a picture conveys a thousand words is so true. Chose your picture carefully. Make sure that it meets the following criteria:

  • Clear
  • Colourful
  • Active rather than passive i.e. not just a portrait
  • Relevant to the housekeeping job that you are applying for
  • Represents you doing something that you do well that is relevant to the job

2. Your Personal Description

  • Evaluate and write down your personal strengths--look for those things that are unique or less common.
  • Evaluate skills that are essential to the housekeeping job that you are applying for.
  • Use these descriptors in your listing--they may include adjectives such as: responsible, trusted, kind, knowledgeable, punctual, friendly, thoughtful, quick thinker, problem solver, sensitive, observant, level headed, energetic.

3. Attitude

You need to be flexible, enthusiastic and hard working. This must be evident in your posting.

4. Dynamic Language

  • Use action words.
  • Action words will help your posting stand out. They’re the specific, descriptive words you use to tell employers about your skills and accomplishments.
  • Examples of action words: planned, achieved, developed, completed, arranged, conducted, solved, trained, designed, instructed, supervised, represented.
  • Consider the following two statements and decide which makes the most impact.

    • "I went to CPR training." (ok)
    • "I completed (excelled at) CPR training. (better)

  5. References

  • Good references are crucial to successful hiring.
  • They need to be current and relevant!
  • Your references need to clearly support what you have stated about yourself in your listing.
  • Excellent references have the ability to set you apart from all other applicants.

It’s critical to present your application material in an well worded but concise way. Step back and look at your listing through the employer's eyes. What skills and personality characteristics are they looking for? Do I have those skills? Have I made them obvious and compelling in my listing?

The employer needs you. Your job is to convince them of that!