7 Steps to Becoming a House Sitter

June 25, 2012

Becoming a house sitter can be an affordable, comfortable, and even fun way to live. House sitting opens up a new world of opportunities for you. You can live in a different house, reside in a different country, and enjoy a different lifestyle.

And all rent free!

But where do I start?

Starting a new and exciting job is often difficult. HouseSitter.com is here to give you the help you need to get launched into the world of house sitting. Just follow these 7 steps for a successful new beginning as a house sitter.

  1. Identify your capabilities

What do you do well? What makes you different from everyone else?

Figuring out your skill set is an important first step to starting your career as a house sitter. Make a list of everything that sets you apart. Can you pet sit? Do you have experience in gardening and lawn maintenance? Are you comfortable cleaning a pool? Are you an avid housekeeper?

Petsitters often earn good pay and it's not too hard to learn some basic skills. Ask family friends if you can petsit for free to start.

This list contains some of the competency clients are looking for when hiring a new house sitter.

  1. Background checks

No one would give a stranger access to their house and most valued possessions if they didn’t trustthem. And what better way is there to show that you can be trusted than to show that there is no reason not to?

Background checks ensure the homeowner that you do not have a criminal history. Showing a background check to your future employer indicates that you have nothing to hide.

  1. Get bonded and insured

Becoming bonded and insured is a way to let homeowners know that you are prepared for anything.

Being bonded simply means that you have some form of coverage if property gets stolen. An example of this is a security deposit.

Being insured means if some event occurs, the company will cover the expenses that are incurred. You can go on a google search to find an insurance company and what insurance rates for house sitting are in your area.

  1. References

Show your future employer that you’re trustworthy and responsible by providing 3 or 4 references from individuals who know you, or who you have worked for who can attest that you are a responsible person to leave their home with.

Don’t have any previous experience in this field of work? Ask for references from others who know you well, coaches, employers, clergy, family and friends.

  1. Promotional writing

Write an advertisement that would explain exactly why someone would want you as their house sitter. Outline the most important aspects from the first 3 steps:

  • Outline your skills, qualifications, and the tasks you can do
  • Specify that you have a background check
  • Mention that you are bonded and insured

This step can be the one that gets you the house sitting job. Take your time and write carefully and thoughtfully.

  1. Get clients

You are now prepared. You have all your documents in order. Now you need the houses to sit.

HouseSitter.com is here to help! Start off by pressing the blue ‘List Your House Sitting Service’ at the top of the screen. We’ll walk you through making your job posting!

After you make your posting, look through the house sitter job listings for your area. Take a look at the jobs available and be sure to apply to any that match your profile.

  1. Make a checklist

You are now officially a house sitter!

Making a checklist is an good way to stay organized and can, in turn, help you get repeat business and recommendations. The list should include all the responsibilities expected by the homeowner, in addition to any that you do as extra and thoughtful tasks.

Whether it’s mowing the lawn, rotating lights, or taking out the trash- write it on your checklist, no job is too small.