Do I Need a House Sitter?


When you leave home for extended periods of time, it is highly recommended that you hire a house sitter to protect your home. There are financial benefits from hiring a house sitter that are outlined below:

  • Security

    Burglars tend to target homes that appear to have no one living in them. Therefore knowing that someone is living in your home during your absence will give you peace of mind. When you consider the cost of hiring a house sitter against the potential loss due to theft and the subsequent rise in your insurance premiums, the cost of hiring a house sitter is a smart choice.

  • Time

    Having a house sitter means that your house can run efficiently while you are absent. A house sitter will take care of a variety of household chores and this will save you time when leaving for your trip. These preparations can include having your mail forwarded, stopping your daily newspaper, cleaning perishables from the refrigerator, arranging a place for your pet to stay while you are away and hiring someone to visit regularly to tend gardens and plants. Alternately you can care for pets and gardens yourself.

  • Unforeseen problems

    There is the chance that while you are away your home might be damaged due to an unforeseen emergency such as a pipe bursting or a storm that leads to a flood. Having someone in the house who can act immediately to the situation, can reduce the damage and be financially beneficial .

  • Pet Care

    Taking your pet with you when you travel can be expensive to you and stressful to the animal. Finding a house sitter that is also competent caring for pets can prove to be very convenient and economically viable. Additionally, your pet will feel a lot more comfortable in their home environment.

  • Hassle Free Friends and Family

    Homeowners, in their absence, often request the assistance of their neighbours and family to take care of their everyday house chores such as watering the plants, getting the mail etc. Sometimes, if you repeatedly ask favours, feelings of resentment may arise. Hiring a house sitter keeps things efficient and businesslike and eliminates the need to burden your friends and family with a list of household activities.

Is it safe to hire a house sitter?

Most house sitting arrangements work out well, but you can increase the chance of success by doing the necessary research on the house sitter before you hire them. A good place to start is to contact the candidate's references.

Do I need to hire a house sitter full time?

Absolutely not! In the child care space, splitting child care through the use of nanny sharing is common practice. Not only do they benefit financially - the kids receive the added benefit of socializing with peers. The same route is absolutely available to you for home care and house sitting. If you don't have family of friends who are interested in sharing a nanny or house sitter, you can always go to to browse other families who may be looking for the same service!

What happens if there is damage to my house when I return home?

If you discover damage to your home when you return that you feel has been caused by carelessness on the part of the house sitter, you can deduct the repair costs from their security deposit or their wages, if they were being paid. All of these details must be clearly outlined in a contract that both parties have agreed to.

If your family has young children, it may however make a lot more financial sense to hire a nanny instead and pay her a higher wage to also perform tasks such as collecting the mail and watering the plants.

If you're realizing that you want more than a housesitter while you're gone and would also like some cleaning to be done, consider hiring a housekeeper instead. Most housekeepers will perform the basic housesitting tasks in addition to cleaning your home. We've collected the best house cleaners in Vancouver, Miami, NYC and Houston for you to get started.