Expectations Of a House Sitter

June 25, 2012

House sitting can be a little nerve wracking for first time house sitters because you have been given a lot of responsibility-you are responsible for someone’s most valuable asset, someone’s home.

This job requires that you be organized, responsible and dependable. Homeowners expect these basic attributes from the house sitter.

So what can you, as a house sitter, do to leave the best impression when you are finished your job?

  • Cleanliness

  • Restocking Food

  • Do A Quality Job

  • Security

  • Uninvited Guests

  • Unplanned Incidents

So the homeowners arrive and notice all your good work. Now what?

When you have done your job well, you should get a written recommendation/reference from the homeowner as this will help you obtain future jobs. Do not be afraid to ask for one. The homeowner will be pleased to do this if you have done a good job.