Expectations Of a House Sitter


House sitting can be a little nerve wracking for first time house sitters because you have been given a lot of responsibility-you are responsible for someone’s most valuable asset, someone’s home.

This job requires that you be organized, responsible and dependable. Homeowners expect these basic attributes from the house sitter.

So what can you, as a house sitter, do to leave the best impression when you are finished your job?

  • Cleanliness

    Make sure the home is clean when the homeowner arrives home, even if it wasn't clean when you began your stay.This shows that you made an extra effort, which should lead to a good and well deserved recommendation and thus more employment.

  • Restocking Food

    Restocking the food cupboard and refrigerator is good habit. The home owner will appreciate the gesture, as arriving home to find no staples in the refrigerator would mean a trip to the store. 

  • Do A Quality Job

    Do a good job with all the work that was asked of you such as gardening, pet walking, getting the mail etc. Homeowners can easily see if the work was done incorrectly or with minimal effort. This can affect your future job prospects.

  • Security

    Keep the house secure at all times. Make sure you follow instructions and take all the necessary steps to ensure the safety and security of the home and its contents. Before going to sleep, check all the windows, the back door and garage. If the house has a security system, make sure that it is functioning properly and is turned on.

  • Uninvited Guests

    Another important guideline is to keep visitors out of your workplace without the homeowner’s permission. If you want to have a visitor you should mention it to the homeowner before they leave. If you do not, they have the right to charge the visitor for trespassing. A good rule is to keep your visiting for times when you are not working.

  • Unplanned Incidents

    Sometimes, no matter how careful you are of the house, things can go wrong , things such as a pipe bursting, the air conditioning malfunctioning and so on. Hence it is always a good idea to write down these incidents in detail, as it would inform the homeowner when she returns. It also demonstrates honesty and good communication and facilitates any repair or replacement to the home.

So the homeowners arrive and notice all your good work. Now what?

When you have done your job well, you should get a written recommendation/reference from the homeowner as this will help you obtain future jobs. Do not be afraid to ask for one. The homeowner will be pleased to do this if you have done a good job.