House Sitting: A Cheap Way to See the World

August 28, 2013

Are you a responsible hard working person but are seriously bored with your life? Do you love to travel the globe but can't find the money to take the trips you want? Consider a change in occupation… become a house sitter.

House sitting is an arrangement between a homeowner and a responsible adult, the house sitter, where the house sitter agrees to move into the residence during the owners' absence.

A good house sitter is an invaluable asset to families who travel, business people and those who are lucky enough to own more than one residence. This presents a fabulous opportunity for someone looking to have new adventures and see new sights.

Possibly you have finished your school or training and want to experience living in different parts of the country before you settle down. Or maybe you have just retired and are looking for a second career. Or just maybe you love travel and see new vistas and can not afford to do so.

If this describes you, then I have the job for you, but like anything else worthwhile, it takes time and effort to build your credentials and reputation.

What will make you an attractive choice as a home sitter?

Consider the following suggestions:

  • You need to acquire a variety of practical household skills- basic plumbing, common sense regarding electricalissues, some knowledge of how to keep plants alive and have a genuine affection for animals
  • A neat and tidy personal appearance suggests to the homeowner that you will keep their home in good order as well
  • Compile a list of jobs that you are willing to do and that you feel represent a thorough house sitting job
  • If possible before an interview, do some background work about the city and neighbourhood where the home is
  • In a phone or face-to-face interview show enthusiasm for the job and flexibility in what is asked of you
  • Ask for a contact list that would cover any and all emergencies should they arise including their veterinarian' s name and so on
  • Decide with the owner if they want updates either by phone or by email

After you have a few very successful house sitting jobs, and some excellent credentials and references you are on your way..

The world is waiting…get your bags packed.