How To Start a House Sitting Business


You’ve been house sitting for a couple years now, and enjoying very much. Every employer is a new and broadening experience.

You can travel the world or stay in your own neighborhood. You can live beachside or in the middle of the suburbs. You may stop by a few homes a day or live in one home for a few weeks. This is the industry where you can choose your lifestyle.

So how exactly do you take it to the next level? You make it a business.

What’s the difference?

You are already house sitting under your name. Owning a house sitting business, or better known as house sitting agency, is a natural next step to expanding your endeavours.

When you own a house sitting agency, you not only house sit yourself, but also manage other house sitters. You provide a client base to your employees, and in return you receive commission. Owning a house sitting business is mutually beneficial; you find clients, your house sitters give you a percentage of their earnings.

An added benefit is that it can all be done while you are still house sitting yourself!

How do I start?

  1. Start building your reputation

    When you decide to start a house sitting business it is preferable that you have had some experience and have built up your reputation as being reliable and professional. You can expand your business while you are still actively working as a house sitter and therefore do not have to sacrifice your current income and lifestyle!

    As you get busy with the process of making your business larger, be careful that you are still performing all of your house sitting well. Remember, reputations are hard to build and easily lost!!

  2. Register your business

    Think of a business name and register it. There are plenty of articles on the web as to how to register your name and organization. Be aware however, that the process can vary from place to place.

    Find a good online resource that advises you regarding important details, such as taxes, insurance, and employment laws.

  3. Search for another house sitter

    After you establish a work record with your own house sitting and register your company, its time to start looking for your first employee! Post a house sitter job offering a position in your start up.

    Make sure to outline any specific details, such as commission, location, and whether you are going to pay them between house sitting jobs.

    You can also look at our job applications and see if any house sitters match the profile you are looking for.

  4. Do your research!

    Examine your employee’s credentials. Consider getting a background check to make sure you can trust him/her. Ask for references with phone numbers. Check their qualifications and experience. Finding trustworthy and hard working employees is the key to a successful business.

  5. Make a pay schedule

    After assessing the skills that you and your employee(s) bring to the job, create a pay schedule determining how you will charge clients. Outline in as much detail as possible. Some items to consider are:

    • How much will you charge for a 24 h house sitter? What tasks are included in this base price? What will you charge for a short house check? How many hours and what tasks does this price include?

    • How much do you charge for additional tasks? Will you charge extra for pet sitting or lawn care?

  6. Find more clients

    A good place to find new clients is by posting a job posting on’s job listing page. Post an advertisement for either your company or your specific sitter and match your employees with clients.

  7. Grow your business!

    With one employee you have successfully started and built your business! If you feel secure about building further, hire more house sitters by the same process and build your client base. With good hiring and hard work you should watch your business grow. Consider adding extra services such as light pet care or housekeeping.