I Want to Hire a House Sitter But...

January 11, 2013

Anyone who has seen the movie"Home Alone" understands the value of having a house sitter when you are leaving your home empty for any length of time.

But although the concept appeals to us, the jump from concept to reality can be a huge leap of faith.

For most of us, no matter how humble or opulent our dwelling, it is of great value to us both monetarily and emotionally. The thought of a stranger in our home caring for our possessions when we are out of town proves to be a bit scary.

But the alternative, namely being robbed or vandalized, is even worse.

So how do you find someone trustworthy to fill this role? The answer is…follow the process!! There is a tried and true process when looking to hire someone for any job where trust and integrity are essential.

  1. First you must carefully think about your expectations-the jobs that you want done and the qualities you want your house sitter to have.
  2. Next you need to design an application sheet that reflects your thinking.
  3. Now you will be busy checking references, police checks and so on to validate the information on the applications.
  4. Once you have a few good applicants, it is time to have face-to-face interviews. To do this efficiently interview questions need to be written to guide your meeting.
  5. Hopefully, after these interviews, one candidate will stand out that has gained your trust and thus your employment.

Each of the above steps is crucial and when well executed will lead to peace of mind regarding your hire.

In succeeding blogs on housesitter.com we will look at each step in the process and offer suggestions and templates to make the job easier.

Also this site will be a valuable resource for your initial contacts or for finding potential employment as a house sitter.