7 Easy Proven Ways To Help Prevent Home Robberies

August 27, 2016

What can homeowners do to protect their home from criminals?

Here are 7 easy proven tips we’ve put together to help prevent home burglaries.

1. Turn on the Radio or TV

One of the best deterrents that can be utilized, for minimal cost is to turn on your radio or television and make sure that you play the volume at a level that is easily heard. One of the benefits of playing the television, especially at night is that the light will suggest or indicate to a burglar that someone is home.

2. Lock your Doors and Windows

Sounds like common sense, but this is something that should be done whether you’re at home or not. In addition to securing the doors and windows, curtains and blinds should be drawn in order to prevent anyone from looking inside.

3. Don’t Advertise your Big Ticket Items

Purchase a new video game system for your children? Did you buy your spouse a new flat screen television? Boxes from new purchases that are placed in the trash are an invitation to burglars prowling your neighborhood. Break down those boxes so that they can be recycled or discarded in a way that no one can see that you have a new expensive item in your home.

4. Motion Detecting Security Lights

“The best deterrent for crime and therefore safety for your home and family is to install motion sensing security..” says Glenn Dopfel, an exterior lighting specialist at Home Depot. These sensors will trigger lights in the event that someone enters the perimeter of your home. Dopfel added “…the sudden change from darkness to the bright light will not only startle intruders but also provide a visual alert to the homeowner and neighbors.”

5. Timers

These devices can be used in conjunction with your air conditioner, lights, radio, and television, to give the presence of someone in your home. In addition, timers have advanced settings which enable you to control them through your mobile devices.

6. Neighbors, Family, and Friends

If you’re going on vacation, use precaution when sharing your travel plans. Disclose this information to a small circle of individuals. They can assist by picking up mail, feeding pets and basically providing a presence which will ultimately deter any criminal activity.

7. Consider a Housesitter

If you’re away for an extended period of time having someone to feed your dog, collect your mail and mow your lawn aren’t the only benefits of hiring a house sitter. Having a sitter watch your house while your gone is cleary a burglary deterent. Sites like this one make it easy to find house sitters but you still need to ensure that the person you hire to watch your home is trustworthy. Once you get through the personality and professional qualifications, conduct thorough reference and background checks.

Useful Burglary Statistics

When you look at the burglary statistics clearly there are simple things we can do to deter crime in our homes.

30% of burglars enter homes without forced entry — lock your doors & windows

33% of intruders enter through the front door — replace old hollow wood doors that are easily knocked down

Studies indicate that burglars overwhelmingly avoid homes with security systems — get a home alarm system and arm it everytime you leave the home

25% of burglars report cutting telephone or alarm wires — consider a wireless alarm system

72% of burglaries occur when no one is home — have relatives, friends or hire a house sitter to stay over when your house will be unoccupied for extended periods

In closing, there isn’t a best solution for home safety. To keep our homes secure, we need to use intelligence, technology and a bit of cunning to stay a step ahead of burglars prowling the neighborhood.

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