Top Tips for House Sitters

June 11, 2015

Have an upcoming house sitting or pet sitting assignment? We’ve put together the best tips and tricks to ensure you get the most ouf of the experience and have happy clients who will call you back next time they need your help!

Ensure a Plan B

Emergencies happen so just in case you break a leg or fall ill before your assignment and can’t pull through on your commitment, it’s important that the homeowner is not left in a position where they can’t leave their home. Although it’s unlikely, agree on a strategy before to avoid any stressful situations.

Respect the Home

This goes without saying but make sure you don’t do anything out of the oridnary that you wouldn’t want the homeowner to discover on their own. If you want to throw a party or just generally behave like a hooligan, do it in your own home!

Set a Daily Checklist

Make sure evetything is done on time by creating a checklist of tasks you need to do such as watering the plants, cleaning the pool, and feeding the cat. This will ensure you don’t forget any of these important tasks.

Introduce Yourself to The Neighbours

They will wonder who this new person is so be sociable and tell them what you are doing and how long you are staying.

Monitor Gas and Electricity Consumption

Don’t do anything out of the ordinary so the homeowner is greeted with a huge utility bill.

Don’t Make Long Distance Calls

Use your own cell phone or Skype for these kinds of things.  

Finally, make sure to enjoy your house or pet sitting work!