What Is House Sitting?

June 25, 2012

Ready to set off on that vacation you have been planning for the last 6 months but worried about leaving the house closed for the length of the vacation? Do not worry, there are house sitters available to alleviate your anxiety.

House sitting is a concept that is mutually beneficial to both the homeowner and the house sitter. The homeowner leaves home knowing that their valuables are being well cared for, and the house sitter has a place to live rent free and usually receives a stipend as well.

Types of House Sitting Services

House sitting can provide homeowners with the chance to not only leave their homes in safe hands when they leave for a trip, but it also gives them the peace of mind that all other aspects of home care are being taken care of.

Some of the duties that might be negotiated between the homeowner and the house sitter are:

  • Gardening
  • Collecting mail, flyers and newspapers
  • Lawn mowing
  • Garbage disposal
  • Pool maintenance
  • Forwarding faxes or important documents
  • Pet Care
    • Bathing
    • Feeding
    • Veterinarian visits and the administration of medications
    • Other pet sitting duties

It should be noted that most house sitters charge homeowners for any services beyond basic home-care. These duties need to be negotiated and a salary agreed upon.

Hiring a House Sitter

Your house provides more than shelter. It is a place of privacy, safety and your most special moments. Hiring a stranger to inhabit your personal, intimate and valuable space is really difficult.

This makes finding the perfect a house sitter, an individual that you are comfortable with and confident in, an arduous task. HouseSitter.com is available to help alleviate this stress of finding that house sitter that is the best fit for you.

The New Trend in House Sitting

A new trend that has emerged in house sitting is an alternative to a live-in sitter. The house sitter is hired to make visits to the homeowner’s house. The number of visits per day is agreed upon in advance and is not less than the minimum number specified in the homeowner’s insurance policy. As well, it should be decided what time of day these visits will occur, and these times should vary by the day. Anyone casing a neighbourhood for empty homes notice routines...visits at certain times, lights that go off and on on a schedule and so on. If your house needs more maintenance than a housesitter can provide, consider hiring a live-in housekeeper.

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