What Your House Sitter Wants You to Know

June 11, 2015

What would a house sitter want you to know before you place your home and pets in their hands? Here's a list of info you should share with any potential house or pet sitters you bring into your home.

1. Establish your pet and house routine with your sitter. Not only do pets prefer being fed and exercised on a routine, keeping them on schedule can help relieve any tummy troubles and behavioural issues.

2. Tell your house sitter of any visitors that may come by while you are away. This includes friends, families, and packages you might be expecting. They may need to ensure they will be there at the time.

3. Explain passwords and alarm systems they might need to familiarize themselves with.

4. Prepare neighbours for a house sitter that will either visit every day or will be their on a full time basis.

5. Explain anything unusual about your house or how you like specific things done to ensure you come back and find your place exactly how you left it.