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Amy E

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Reston, Virginia
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House Sitter in Reston, Virginia

I'm an
About Me: Nice to meet you! My name is Amy. I'm looking for house and pet sitting positions in Northern Virginia and the Metro area. I'm planning to apply my experience as a pet sitting professional. I can alter my schedule to meet your needs. If you have pets, and need daily drop ins and walks, I prefer to work near my home in Reston, but if you need overnights, then anywhere in the Metro area is good. Description of Skills: I have experience doing lawn work, plant care, and some house maintenance repairs. if you have pets that need care, I have experience with cats, dogs, birds, reptiles, snakes, insects, wild animals, and am comfortable with all animals. I've administered medication and subcutaneous fluids. I have owned many dogs, cats, mice, hamsters, birds, reptiles (anoles, an iguana, many kinds of snakes, bearded dragons, turtles, unusual/exotic and not so exotic insects, and have cared for some wild animals that were orphaned, ie a blue jay, baby cottontails, a baby woodchuck, some squirrels, and a Virginia opossum! I have cared professionally for a wide range of dog types, from breeds to mixes, and animals with special needs such as bladder expression and dogs with so much pain that they were highly fearful, working patiently to gain their trust. I've cared for a multitude of cats, some with diabetes or other issues. I've pets at with birds, squirrels, lots of Pitties, and love them all! Further, I am willing to travel. When it comes to prior qualifications, I have years of experience. How To Contact Me: Shoot me a message and I'll respond ASAP! Below are copies of my references from petsitter.com, where you can find my other profile, under Amy E in Reston, Virginia. I can also give you contact information of my current clients, so you can speak to them, and hear their opinions of my care of their pets and homes. Elizabeth M Amy is a hardworking, dedicated, and kind person. She loves animals of all shapes and sizes. She is a former employee of mine and went above and beyond to ensure a clean work space and a friendly environment for her customers. Kiersten P Amy is a kind, caring, compassionate and genuine animal lover. When I say that, Im not referring to dogs and cats only. I mean that she loves and respects all living creatures... mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish, insects, etc. Although loving insects isn't required for being a great pet sitter, I think it says a lot about her character and the type of good-hearted person she is. I know Amy very well both professionally and personally. We met in 2013 when she was my supervisor/manager at a retail store. She was a hard-working, dedicated, dependable boss who always created a fair and fun work environment. We quickly became friends and we remain close friends to this day. Amy has shared her life with several dogs, 2 bearded dragons and at least one cat that I know of, so she has real and personal experience caring for animals. I, myself, have witnessed her amazing ability to instantly connect with and befriend our own dog, Jesse-James. This doesnt sound impressive unless you know his background. My family adopted him from a Boxer rescue league in 2009. He had been horribly abused (burned) and used as bait for dog fighting. After being with us for several months, the physical damage healed (although he has bad visible scars), but healing him emotionally and psychologically has been a lifelong process. He is very loving and loyal with my family, but not surprisingly, has issues with people and dogs he doesnt know. I have anxiety when new people come to our house because our dog reacts in an unwelcoming manner, relentlessly growling and barking. The first time Amy came over, however, he greeted her with a wagging tail and friendly licks. Although she is not the only person to gain his trust instantly, it's a very rare and uncommon reaction from him. It takes a kind-hearted, gentle soul with total dog-handling confidence to put Jesse-J at ease and that definitely describes Amy! The last thing I want to mention is how reliable Amy is about staying in contact while you're away. She sends wonderful messages with photos and videos so you can see your pet(s) and have peace of mind knowing that they really are doing ok. For all these reasons and more, I'm happy to recommend Amy as a caring, trustworthy pet care provider!
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Responsibilities include:
Mail collection
Pet feeding
Plant care

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