Are You Considering House Sitting Rentals?

You can find people seeking house sitting rentals as well as other types of house sitters at

When you leave home for an extended period, there are a number of options for ensuring that your home, plants, and pets are taken care of. One possibility is allowing someone to rent your home for a short time, paying a reduced rental fee in return for keeping an eye on your home and making sure that things are as you left them when you return. 

You can browse through various house sitter profiles on our site and get in touch with them directly. We also encourage you to create your own job description so that not only house sitters but also students looking for rental homes can find you and contact you - this greatly increases your candidate pool. We understand that leaving your house in the hands of someone you barely know can be frightening. Although, we are not a placement agency and we do not screen applicants, we want to ensure your privacy and security while browsing through All our users can freely get in touch with the desired candidates through Telesafe, a communication tool that allows you to make calls and send messages while protecting your contact information. We won't disclose your personal details without your approval.

Let us help you find your perfect house sitter who you can trust. Join our community today to learn more!

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