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I am a First Nation Native American born form the Shin Na Cock and Seminal Nation who is a community global activist. I am a former Peace Office with the New York City Gang Task Force relocating to the North West in 1999. I have been part of the activities of the Nation Crime Prevention Council, with the leader ship of former kings County Sheriff Dave Reichert and the Kings County Sheriffs Office, Bishop Donovan L. Rivers a Faith leader in Washington State. I serve as committee member of Africa Town as an outreach coordinator which will be the HUB for many nonprofit community organizations located in the Central District, Columbia City, Rainer Valley, and Tacoma such as, The Village of Hope, The Akoben Brotherhood, The Horace Mann Project, Men of The Middle Passage, and the Seattle chapter of the military organization The Tuskegee Air Men who are dedicated to serving the next generation of the greater Seattle and North West area of the United States . I am also CEO of the nonprofit organization WALK ON WATER-H2O which has sponsored fund rising through the arts in order to drill fresh water wells globally. We provide security in high conflict areas globally where unethical practice of polluting or privatization of natural water resources which affect indigenous or inner city populations. We also provided support to any international organizations that provide assistance to individuals weather refuges or citizens who are victims of human trafficking. I presently operate a nonprofit agency "WALK ON WATER H2O" which is contracted out by several different humanitarian organizations affiliated with the United Nations. We drill for fresh water which is our first priority; secondly we monitor and address human trafficking hands on in what are considered high conflict zones and natural disaster areas provide ding support to any international organizations that provide assistance to individuals weather refuges or citizens who are victims of human trafficking. I function as a medic. I am also the Executive Director of Performing Arts at Africa Town (Seattle, WA.). An alternative community school designed for inner city youth by the Mayor office of Seattle, in conjunction with Langston Hues Performing Arts Theater I am head administrator of "THE UNIVERSITY OF ELITE COMBAT" Do Jo School of Self Defense in Seattle WA. Instructing in the art of Sanuces Ryu Jujutsu. We are contracted to train Federal law enforcement, and Military personal. We specialize in Transport, Corporate, Cyber, and Executive Security. In Honor of my Teacher Master Moses Powell, and Grand Master Professor V. Go the following sites to see the school and instructors. I Just finished producing a concert at the Experience Music Project 2014 raising money for the organization One Africa Vibe. Position; Production Manager My next project is a National Concert Tour Production project for the Tuskegee Air Men College Scholarship Program; which is being sponsored by the Tuskegee Air Men, Sam Bruce Chapter, Seattle, Washington. Located at the Museums of Flight, Seattle, WA. We are also fundraising for family and friends of First Nations Peoples who are standing ground against the oil pipeline in North Dakota. We are sending make shift kitchens to cook for the Volunteers. Please stand against this desecration of mother earth in anyway you can. Do not support Banks or or any industry which is invested in such endeavors. Eric V. Perry 206-277-... Presently: returning to school to acquire a Masters in Physiology SUMMARY of QUALIFICATIONS Associates Degree /Arts and Science / 2011 / Evergreen State college B.P.T.C.C. South Seattle Community College Community Correction & Protective Services / Certified 2000, Seattle, WA. Certified by South Seattle Community College Mentor Training Program for the Children Home Society /Certified 2005 Domestic Violence Victim Services Counselor/ Seattle WA. Domestic Violence Batterers Counselor / Certified 2003/per WAC 388.60 Strong communications skills including the ability to interact in a positive and productive manner, listen effectively, give and take directions, articulate ideas clearly, make compelling informative oral presentations Able to maintain composure in high stress situations while implementing conflict resolutions and interpersonal skills for a positive outcome Multimedia artist: Choreographer / Ceramics / Camera man / Culinary Arts Experience Safeco Field - Seattle, WA --... Souse Chef-Main Kitchen/ Supervisor for Warehouse Receiving Volume Services America/Seattle Mariners Responsible for three restaurants within Safeco Field, DIOMOND CLUB, HIT IT HERE CAFA,THE DUG OUT Also responsible for health code maintenance check Gordon Birch Brewery Pacific Building Grand opening - 2000 Sous Chef Assisted Executive Chef Michael in the three week grand opening Kingdome- Seattle, WA --... First Line Cook/ Catering Ogden Food Service /Seattle Sea Hawks / Seattle Mariners Walk on Water / DO JO, Master Malik, Master Mosses Powell Brooklyn, N.Y., Seattle, WA, Los Angeles, Calf. Miami, Florida 1975Present Aikido Ju-Jitsu Instructor Teaching the art of self defense and weaponry to law enforcement and Military Sub-contracting services to the film and music industry. See References. Councilor and teacher working with high risk youth Spectrum Counseling Seattle, WA 2003 Domestic Violence Counselor (certified) 206-824-... Conducted evaluations to determine whether intake in program was necessary or not. . Conducted Batterers Treatment Program, taught anger management skills, and facilitated classes for individuals sentenced by Washington courts for one or more years. Conducted UA test. Box Seat Entertainment Seattle, WA --... Operations Manager. Managed theater for stage productions and motion pictures Assisted subordinates and supervisors in identifying and resolving problems Coordinated activities to ensure efficient operation and to promote patronage of theater Identified problems, diagnosed causes, and determined corrective actions Managed financial business of production Contributed to profitability by keeping deadlines Requisitioned and purchased supplies Coast to Coast Security Portland, Organ 19992002... Event Security/Executive Security Escorted individuals in order to protect them from bodily injury, kidnapping and invasion of privacy Event Security specialist Aardvark Construction, Inc. Seattle, WA --... Business Manager/Foreman 206-284-...) Cost estimator - went to various sites to give estimates and bids Implemented policies and procedures set by the company and local and state law. Crew boss responsible for the hiring, firing, and moral of personal. Panamanian Embassy New York, NY --... Executive Security for Leason Mr. Rex Archibald Operations consisted of security to the Panamanian Delegates and diplomats to the United Nations in New York Escorted individuals in order to protect them from bodily injury, kidnapping and invasion of privacy Assisted subordinates and supervisors in identifying and resolving problems Drove motor vehicles to transport individuals. Performed other duties, such as receiving and transcribing. Maintained close personal contact with delegates and family members Collaborated on training schedules for new personnel Helped oversee all aspects of security measures Prepared and presented security protocol at federal and state police meetings both in and out of the country Expedited communication between upper level management and general personnel New York World Yacht Club- New York, NY --... Souse Chef /supervisor Chef Michelle Staten Island Merchant Firearms Processing Center, Inc., New York, NY --... Operations Manager Knowledgeable in firearms and safety Supervised all officers who processed and expedited gun permits in conjunction with One Police Plaza, New York Police Department (N.Y.P.D.) Bought and sold firearms on the international/national market under Federal Alcohol, Firearms, Tobacco License (A.F.T. Lic.) Youth Service Agency City of New York New York, NY --... Mayors Task Force Agency/Crown Heights, East New York, & the Bronx Position: Youth Gang Officer Worked in conjunction with Narcotics & Homicide Division of (N.Y.P.D.) and C.A.G.E. Patrolled area in order to detect and prevent unauthorized activities of youth gangs Investigated background of offenders and causes for arrest Made routine visits to Incarcerated gang members and families. Taught classes on Aikido Jiu-Jitsu, Birth Control, Drug Awareness, First Aid, and supervised cultural field trips Be & Do of Renaissance, Film Productions Inc. CEO /Executive Director-Mr. John William Perry III AKA Jahamani Winner of the 1989 Sony Innovator Award. # 347-622-...) Eric Perry / Assistant director 2014 - Assigned to Following Company Projects: Documentary on Seattle Jazz Greats / Produced by Professor Gilda Sheppard, Evergreen State College Cameraman 2008 Documentary on Susan Taylor, Former Essence Magazine Editor and Founder of the National CARES Mentoring Movement, Launches Seattle CARES Chapter Sponsored by ESSANCE MAGAZINE / Cameraman - 2008 Cameraman - --... Be & Do Productions in association with Richard Gere Productions Documentary on His Holiness the Dalai Lama New York City, August 12 - 15. Events will include a public talk in Central Park and three days of teachings at the Beacon Theater. This visit is sponsored by The Tibet Center and Gere Productions, Inc. with support from the Gere Foundation. 1st Assistant Director 1991 Warner Brothers Films, ''The Fisher King", Robin Williams, New York, NY Personal Security 1988 Paramount Pictures "Coming to America" Brooklyn, New York Directed by John Landis; Producers Bo Wachs, George Folsey and Eddie Murphy Personal Security: to Eddie Murphy & Arsenio Hall 1987 Renaissance Film Productions Whos That Girl World Tour / Madonna / Backdrop film segment during "Papa Don't Preach"/ Produced & Directed by John Perry III Production Assistant 1986 Ferco Production "Skip Tracer"/ Produced by Rupert Hitzig & Michael Tannea Production Assistant RCA Records "Kid Creole and the Coconuts" PA / Photographers assistant Polygram Records Bon Jovi / Music Video PA / Photographers assistant 1985 Reunion Lifecycle Production Feature starring Denzel Washington Directed by Reggie Life PA / Photographers assistant Renaissance Film Productions / Polygram Records "Kool and the Gang"/ Music Video/Meza Movies/Directed by Bill Maison PA / Production Coordinator assistant Nadel Production, NYC Directed by Bruce Nadel Production Assistant Kaufman Astoria Studios "Turk 182" Location Manager Capital Records / Meza Movies Freddie Jackson Photographers assistant Warner Brothers Krush Groove/ Directed by Michael Schultz Production Coordinator Columbia Records /Meza Movie Renaissance Film Productions Columbia Records/Meza Movies/ / The Manhattan's Photographers assistant Polygram Records, Meza Movies Kurtis Blow Directed by Michael Oblowitz Production Assistant 1985 Columbia Records Bill Withers Photographers assistant 1984 Columbia Pictures, NYC & LA Shoot To Sidney Poitier Production Assistant Motown/ Higbgate Pictures "The Last Dragon"/ Directed by Michael Schultz Production Assistant /Security 1983 Zoetrope Studios Totally Independent Productions /"Cotton Club" Former Cotton Club dancer Lady Stuwart, P.A./Film Consultant Orion Pictures, NYC "Beat Street" Directed by Andy Davis Location Scout Paramount Pictures, NYC The Warriors P.A./ Security 1979 MG.M. / UA Studios, NYC Fame" Directed by Alan Parker P.A./ Security Eagle & Chief Records/ Subsidiary of CBS Records, House of Cash CEO-Symphony Sid, Executive Director Lady Stewart --... Film Director John William Perry III Assigned to Following Company Projects: TAI-PAN Entertainment Complex (Formerly Manhattan Studios), --... Tales of the Dark Side, Brooklyn, NY Vice President of Concert Development Designed and developed a four level multifaceted entertainment complex Hired and supervised a staff of over one hundred Implemented joint program ventures for national and international concerts development Facilitated contract negotiation and budget development Greenwald Associates Artist Management, --... New York, NY, CEO-Lea Greenwald Vice President of Artist Development Directed Force MD's management team and Jesse D Responsible for daily operations and supervision of a staff of fifteen Negotiated contracts for new and established artists with major record labels Coordinated productions through Kit Kaplan of Time Capsule, and Richard Walter's of New Artist Management Concert Tour Productions-Red Parrot, Bobby Brown (First Solo Concert), New York, NY Production Manager/ Road Manager National and International Tours, Dr. Jonathan Blair, Jazz Violinist with CBS records Norby Walter's Associates, National Tours, Bobby Womack Personal Security 1990 New Jack City / Warner Brothers Studios / Directed by Mario Van Peebles / Production Consultant Volunteer Community Service: Walk on Water H2o team leader Africa Town - Outreach Coordinator Children Home Society Leave no Child Waiting Mentoring Program/Seattle WA. Langston Hughes Performing Arts Center African American Film Festival/ Seattle WA. Security coordinator United States Tuskegee Airmen Assoc. Inc. / Sam Bruce, Seattle Chapter / College Scholarship fundraising committee Umoja Festival steering committee / Security coordinator The Village of Hope / Seattle, WA. 9601 35th Avenue SW Seattle WA 98126 D.V. Counselor EDUCATION Sanuces Ryu Jiu Jitsu Studies: Brooklyn, New York 1969-present Instructors: Grand Master Moses Powell, Master Little John Davis, Master, Ron Van Cliff, Master John Blair, Master Saigon, Master Sugar, Master Anthony Richardson, Master Peter Flores, Sensei Craig Harrison, Master Thomas La Puppet, Master Malik X Certified/ Bodyguard Joseph Paps Shakespeare Public Theatre 1968-69 New York, NY Area of Study: Lighting, Set Design, Film Developing & Photography Brooklyn Technical High School: --... Area of Study: Aviation Aircraft Drafting & and Engine Engineering Wingate High School January 1975 High School Graduate/ High School diploma Area of Study: Theatre& Dance Evergreen State College / Washington State / B.P.T.C.C/ Graduate - Associates Degree /Arts and Science / 2011 Brooklyn College, 1975-78 Brooklyn, NY Major: Theatre& Dance/ June Lewis Dance Company Alvin Alley School of Dance: --... Instructors: Judith Jamison, Dudley Williams, Pepsi Bethel, Miguel Godreau, Louis Falco Clark Center/Steps: 1975- 95 Choreographers: George Faison, Sandy Macpherson, Loremil Machado, Pepsi Bethel, Fred Benjamin. Broadway Dance Center: 1975- 65 Choreographers: Frank Hatchet, JO JO Smith, Maurice Hines, Debbie Allen Phil Blacks: Choreographer & Instructor Nicholas Brothers 1967 - 69 Third Street Music School: --... Joseph Paps Shakespeare Public Theatre, New York City: --... Area of Study: Lighting, Set Design, Film Developing & Photography Arthur Mitchell - Dance Theatre of Harlem: --... Tommy Jonson Bernice Johnson Dance Company: Choreographers: Michael Peters, Kevin Hunt Martha Graham School of Dance: Chuck Davis Dance Company Charles Moore Dance Company La Rock Bay Dance Company Pearl Premise Dance Company Columbia University / Licensed Mycologist December 1995 New York, NY New York Restaurant School / New, York NY. Community Correction & Protective Services / Certified per WAC / 2005 Seattle, WA. South Seattle Community College (S.S.C.C.) Certified /Mentor Training Program /2005 S.S.C.C. Business Institute /Certificate 2006 Domestic Violence Victim Services Counselor/ Seattle, WA. / Certified Domestic Violence Batterers Counselor Certified 2003/ per WAC 388.60 Trained in tactical driving / Forklift certified 2007 CPR /certified 2005 References; Attorney Charles Meyers #206-292-... Professor Marcia Tate Arunga 425-271-... Dr. Kim Washington #253-680-... Dr. Maxine Mimms # 253-627-... Cell- 360-229-... Bishop Donovan Rivers #206-302-... Dr. Kim Washington # --... Dr. Royal Alley Barns #206-423-... Jacqueline Moscou, #206-684-... John William Perry III #347-622-... William Perry III&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&aq=t&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&client=firefox-a&channe Personal Security & Production-Previous Client List --... Political and Religious Muhammad Ali His Excellence the Dali Lama Julian Bond, NAACP President Nelson Mandela of South Africa Mayor David Dinkins (N.Y.C.) Mayor ED Koch (N.Y.C.) Dr. Phil Valentine Rev. Jesse Jackson Cardinal Cook - Archdiocese City of New York Donavan Rivers (Seattle, WA.) Rev. Al Sharpton Entertainment clients Ozzy Davis Ruby Dee Robin Williams Roberta Flack Quincy Jones Michael Jackson Prince George Duke Patti Labelle James Brown Lisa Minnelli Madonna Miles Davis Tina Turner John Lennon Slave Herbie Hancock Melba Moore Bill Withers Sly Stone Ray Borretto Michael Peters The Beastie Boys Mongo Santamarea Tito Puentes Phyllis Hymen The Whispers The Back Street Boys Jonny Conga The Platters Run DMC Earth, Wind & Fire Grace Jones Slave Chaka Khan The Ohio Players BaBa Alatonge The Isley Brothers Bobby Brown Mariah Carrie Irene Cara Richard Gere Iman Beverly Johnson Pepsi Bethel Debbie Allen George Faison Jo Jo Smith Curtis Mayfield Curtis Blow Noel Pointer John Blair Freddie Jackson Wilson Picket Ron Woods Bobby Womack Andy Warhol Mario Van Peeples Frankie Crocker LaBelle Aresenio Hall Eddie Murphy Force MD Back Street Boys Sydney Poitier David Ruffin Rick James Noel Pointer Kid Creole John William Perry III Bootsie Collins Richie Havens BB king Mrs. Louis Satchmo Armstrong Corporate Clients MR. Symphony Sid Lady Stewart Mr. Bernstein Mr.Norby Walters Mr. Rex Archibald Sr. Criminal Trial Clients Mr.Rex Archibald Jr. Mr. Nicky Barns Tupac Amaru Shakur Mr. Kendrick Cleveland Mr. Norby Walters John Angelo Gotti Be & Do videos/films Latest Project CEO, FilmDirector: JAHMANI PERRY Assistant Director: CYNTHIA BERKSHIRE, AFTER CHANGE YOU CAN BELIEVE IN... upcoming film in post-production Be & Do videos, a unit of be & do films, brings together a creative team with a rich and diverse background in documentary films and the arts. The production company is founded by director/producer/photographer Jahmani Perry and designer/editor/choreographer Cynthia Berkshire. They have over 10 years combined experience working with such companies/individuals as PBS, DDB Worldwide NYC, Bloomingdales, Madonna, Ice Cube, and others. Our mission is to produce videos which improve and publicize the services of established and emerging professionals and companies. Believing everyone has a unique and interesting story to tell, we listen, observe and collaborate with you to bring emotional life to your vision. Digging into the heart of your project, we create entertaining and professional videos. be & do videos offers a range of extraordinary talent through our connections with various media artists. We create broadcast quality production services from short web content to promotional pieces to fundraising videos ... and more. We look forward to discussing your project, planning a cost-effective proposal and capturing the magic of what you do. Latest Project EXPERIENCE MUSIC PROJECT An Africa Town Production Eric Perry: Production Manger One Vibe Africa presents Madaraka Festival, a benefit concert and art sale to empower youth from Kenya. Madaraka Day (June 1) commemorates the day that Kenya attained internal self-rule. It celebrates the spirit and meaning of the word MadarakaSwahili for the authority to make decisions. Madaraka Festival will showcase the music, visual arts, initiatives, and innovations that embody the special relationship between Seattle and Africa; galvanize the community; and support Kenyan youth in taking control of their destiny. Dont miss spectacular musical performances (including surprise special guests! Macklemore & Ryan Lewiss) and an art sale featuring original work by students and teachers from the port city of Kisumu. All proceeds go directly to One Vibe Africa and students in Kisumu, Kenya 2014 Grand Opening of Africa Town 24hr Chef Event Catering Services CEO and Exective Chef : Eric Perry . Summer of - 2014 I hope you're as excited as we are for this year Umoja Festival Weekend! We have SO much in store for the community this year! DISNEY has added us to their 15 city Radio Disney Live Tour for 2014! They will be flying out an artist for a live show, meet and greet, and a lot of activities for the kids Saturday. They will be broadcasting LIVE from the festival as well participating in the parade. Eric Perry: Member of Executive Planning Committee: 2013/14 Executive Director of Event Security

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